Tech literacy

To be technologically literate today you have to know that technology isn’t just computers. Its anything that helps enhance human effort. Having knowledge of anything from cars to spaceships makes you technologically literate. For example a mechanic is literate in the technology of a car or whatever vehicle they work on. If your computer is messed up you would go to an IT person because they are literate in the workings of computers. If i need help with my phone I go to Verizon because they know about phones.

The resources did cover everything and nothing surprised me. I believe that i am technologically literate in my computer, my ipod and my car. I know how my computer works and what commands i need to input to get my desired result. I know what is the best virus software to install and if something gets through, most of the time I can pick out what does not belong. I know how much my Ipod can hold and how to reset it if it stops behaving properly. If it disappears I can find it using the locator app. I am familiar with the way my car runs and can tell if something is off. I can change it’s oil, it’s tires and it’s lights. In adverse conditions, I can feel how much it can take.

If you don’t take the time to at leased learn the basics of any technical thing, you risk being coned into spending more than you need, or making the problem worse. in example  The mechanics at those stores were tring to make more money by offering useless and harmfull proceduers. It took a reporter who knew what the car needed to expose them. It is sad and unfortunate that there are people who take advantage of others. 


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