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-who is expressing and to whom are they communicating









Exploding Rabbits



11/20 Free write

News papers are written media. They are cultural and historical in genre. their mode is few to many. An email is written media, but can also be visual. Its genre is situated and social. Its mode is usually one-one or one-few.

a film is visual media and verbal media. Its genre can include all seven attributes or just one. Its mode is few -many or many-many.


new perspectives

discourse on discourse

six words can mean a lot of things

no right answer

technology to explore and develop new thinking

life is not a scan tron

college is hard


What are some take aways from the class

We get a new perspective on literacy from the class. Literacy no longer just means being able to read and right, it now includes discourse. Our writings will reflect our discourse and the discourse we are writing to. We have learned that there is no such thing as thinking too hard. You can get complicated with your writing, even if you only use sic=x words.


Genre- cannot be defined/classifide but it can be characterized: dynamic, social, ideological, historical, situated, rhetorical, cultural

-fixed and fluid

Natural: we do all the time

forms= not natural

genres build off genres

-genre chains

-antecedent: the genre parent to a genre offspring

ex of genre chain: culinary artist, cookbook, cooking show, recipe copying by watcher, recipe used by child at wedding

rhetoric is defined by choice

-sources available


Free write 10/25

Going with out technology is hard. Its even harder when that technology is your life line to the world. When i worked at a camp over the summer, we were only allowed our phones on sundays. Its a big change from being constantly connected to the world to having a couple of hours to check in on the life of your family. it was a tough two months, but I got through it. Looking back it helped me realize that some technology is a crutch and while it impossible to live without nowadays, some of the things we can do are not necessary.